Homemade Squishy & Slime Tutorial

Diy Slime Shampoo & Cornstarch ! How To Make Slime No Glue

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Diy Slime Shampoo & Cornstarch ! How To Make Slime No Glue
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How to make clear slime? , how to make ghost slime? are netizens are looking a lot on the internet. It can be said that the slime toy is very interesting. People who use them to reduce stress can be anyone, adults or children who can play with them for a long time without feeling bored. Slime looks slippery, sticky, happy to use fingers to poke. This article compiles all the best ways to make DIY Slime, most popular with the ingredients available in the home or easy to buy in the grocery.

Diy Slime Shampoo & Cornstarch


Materials needed:

-280gr corn starch

-120ml shampoo  or Body Wash

-6 tablespoons (90ml) of water




Step 1: Take 1.5 tablespoons dishwashing liquid into the bowl. You can use more to make more slimes but you also have to increase the amount of cornmeal equivalent. Color or odor washers may be used. For traditional slime, try the green dishwashing liquid. You can use shampoo instead of dishwashing liquid. Shampoo as thick as possible!
Step 2: Add some color of food or needle if you want. You do not have to do this but it will make the slime more interesting. If clear water is used, add 1 drop of food color. If you want the slime to become glittery then add a pinch of gold. Use a spoon to mix well.
Step 3: Add 2 tablespoons cornstarch into the bowl. Corn meal will make the dishwashing liquid become slimy. If you get a lot of dishwashing, you’ll need more cornstarch. If in the South, you would say cornstarch instead of cornstarch.
Step 4: Stir for 10 minutes. When stirring, dishwashing and cornstarch mix and form slime.
Step 5: Finish with hand slime. Sometimes, the dishwashing liquid will only absorb a little corn flour. When that happens, you will have to put your hands on the stuff until the ingredients are mixed together. If slime is too thin, add cornstarch. If slime is too thick, add dishwashing liquid.

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