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How To Make Pusheen Popsicle Squishy – Homemade Squishy Tutorial

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How To Make Pusheen Popsicle Squishy – Homemade Squishy Tutorial
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Hey guys, today I’m going to be showing you How to make Pusheen Popsicle Squishy. It does look complicated to make but I will be going through the steps throughout the post, so you’ll see that it’s really not that hard and hopefully you can make one for yourself.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Materials need:

  • Foam ( density foam from craft stores or you can even use carwash sponges)
  • A popsicle stick
  • Some toothpick to mix your paint
  • Some fresh gloves
  • Paint
  • Scissors



The first thing, you’re going to do is cut down the foam on the side because it is a little too thick to be a popsicle.how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy

  • Start cutting it into a rounded popsicle shape.
  • So now that it’s shaped, I’m going to create a bite mark and this is optional because if you don’t want your Popsicle to have a bite in it then you don’t have to do this step. If you use your fingers and pinch the foam away it’ll look a lot more realistic than if you just cut.how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy
  • You’ll really turn it into a Popsicle so you want to estimate how long you want your Popsicle stick to be. You want to cut it a little bit longer son you’re going to cut it right here.how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy
  • You’re going to cut a slit right here down the middle. You can try using an exacto knife but I’m just using some scissors.


  • You’re going to slide the Popsicle stick right into the hole that you made.


  • We’re going to move on to painting the bottom portion white. Make sure to bring a little bit of the paint right on to the popsicle stick.
  • how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy


  • The white paint has dried. It’s time to paint the rest gray..how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishyhow-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy


  • After that it’s time to paint on the little details so I’m starting off with three stripes on the top.how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishyhow-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy
  • So here’s what it’s looking like right now.(4:46)


  • It look weird because you didn’t paint on the ears since there is really no space to do that, so you just cut out a small little triangular piece of foam.how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy

You’ll paint it and put it on the top. It’ll look a little more like a cat instead of a seal which is what kind of looking like right now. You’re using the hot glue gun but you can also use any other type of glue if you want or even paint. 

  • The final step is to squeeze some paint onto the bite-mark to look like ice—cream.
  • You’re going to let it dry and you like to set it right in here.
  • After drying overnight, your Pusheen Popsicle is done and it’s really cute and slow rising. If you want you can leave out the bite mark and instead make it have another ear, but it would be cute to have a bite mark, so that you could show a little bit of the ice cream underneath but this is supper cute really squishy. There’s the tail of at the back.
  • how-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishyhow-to-make-pusheen-popsicle-squishy



We’ve just made Pusheen Popsicle squishy! How cute it is, right? I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this tutorial. If you liked it, please like and share this post. We also have different kind of Home-made squishy Tutorial in How to make Squishy . If you have any questions, let me know by leaving your comments below. Have a nice day.

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